We provide safe products with gentle flavor and aroma.

We supply tamari (thick) soy sauce, which is traditionally brewed in the Tokai region in Japan, and koikuchi (dark) soy sauce, which is commonly used by food manufacturers and breweries as a raw material.

While keeping to the traditional production method, valuing the unique flavor of tamari soy sauce, we remain dedicated to brewing products that are loved by our clients by also introducing the latest techniques and facilities.

In 2017, we obtained the Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) as a food safety standard valid in the globalized food industry. The establishment of a system, which fosters our efforts to improve food safety, has enabled us to ensure our foods are more safe and reliable than ever before. By adhering to this system at each step in the production process, from raw material selection to product shipment, we will always deliver products that satisfy our clients.


Represidentative Director Mieko NAKAGAWA

Our tamari (thick soy sauce) and koikuchi (dark) soy sauce are perfect with Japanese foods, including various soups, sauces, and rice crackers. Furthermore, they are excellent with both western and Chinese foods, and fusion cuisine as well. Thus, our products are used by a wide range of food manufacturers and restaurants.

Company outline

Company Name
5-3 Midoridai, Taketoyo-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi, 470-2386 JAPAN
Main bank
MUFG Bank, Ltd. / The Okazaki Shinkin Bank.
Representative Director Mieko NAKAGAWA
Number of Employees
Business description
Production and sales of tamari soy sauce and koikuchi soy sauce for food manufacturers and breweries
Production items
tamari soy sauce and koikuchi soy sauce
Production capacity
Shipment mode
Domestic: Tanker 6~10KL、1KL IBC
Overseas: 1KL IBC, 18L BIB, (500ML~1.8L PET bottle)